Whatever It Takes

Whatever it Takes is a 2009 British television drama film directed by Andy Hay and starring Shane Ritchie, Amy Beth Hayes, Eva Alexander, Gary Lucy and Ron Cook. Ritchie plays a publicist observing and interacting on the story of Daisy Cockram, a police officer catapulted to fame after she is arrested for public indecency with a footballer in the back of a car and who becomes a national celebrity, which is soon shown to have many pitfalls. The moral of the story being "be careful what you wish for". It was first aired on ITV & UTV on Sunday 26 July 2009.


JJ Merrick (Ritchie) is narrating the story of Daisy Cockram who is about to be "devoured by the venus flytrap of fame" after winning tickets to attend a première when she meets a leading professional footballer who seduces her. Shortly afterwards they are discovered having sexual intercourse in the back of a car by a police patrol officer and taken in. This is particularly embarrassing for Daisy as she is herself a police officer - and she is fast suspended from duty for bringing the force into disrepute. The tabloid newspapers speedily track Daisy down using various underhand methods and she is soon splashed across the front pages of the media, with many lurid and exaggerated details about her life.