Disco Raja

Disco Raja is a 2020 Indian Telugu-language science fiction action film directed by Vi Anand and produced by Ram Talluri under SRT Entertainments banner. It stars Ravi Teja in the titular role along with Payal Rajput, Nabha Natesh, Tanya Hope, Bobby Simha, Sunil, and Vennela Kishore. The music is composed by S. Thaman with cinematography by Karthik Ghattamaneni and editing by Shravan Katikaneni.


A brutally attacked man left for dead in the mountain ranges of Ladakh is found frozen by an expedition team. He is taken to the Re-Live lab where Dr. Shishir introduces a technology that can revive dead people to Dr. Parineeti and her colleague Phalguni. Following the experiment, the subject wakes up but with no memory of his past. On the other hand, his girlfriend Nabha explains to a loan officer that he, Vasu, handled multiple professions from day to night, during which she fell for him. While searching for his stepbrother Kaushik who snatched the family's money, Vasu found him but never returned. She also reveals that Vasu's family members are actually orphans who came to live together. Back to the lab, Vasu escapes using Parineeti's card but is recaptured after he faints due to being exposed to heavy lighting. Parineeti then explains that he was killed by someone and revived by the doctors. However, Parineeti is adamant on making Vasu revive his memories, and retrieves a commodity found with his corpse, giving it to Phalguni for servicing.