My Son Johnny

My Son Johnny is a 1991 American fact-based made-for-television drama film starring Michele Lee, Rick Schroder and Corin Nemec, directed by Peter Levin. It was originally broadcast on CBS as The CBS Sunday Movie on November 10, 1991.


Johnny Cortino is a 21-year-old hoodlum returning home to Baltimore after a stint in California; exactly why he's back is not clear and, when confronted for details, Johnny is able to fast-talk his way out of every corner he is backed in to. Yet, it is clear that his widowed mother Marianne is glad to see her son that - despite his problems - is still the apple of her eye. And it is equally clear that 17-year-old Anthony is terrified that his older brother is back in the house.

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    contentLocation Baltimore
    director Peter Levin
    genre drama
    keywords beat break bully end life sentence older brother sibling widowed mother
    publisher CBS