Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (also known as Friday the 13th: A New Beginning) is a 1985 American mystery slasher film directed by Danny Steinmann and starring Melanie Kinnaman, John Shepherd, and Shavar Ross. It is the fifth installment in the Friday the 13th film series. The film is set at a fictional halfway house, where an adult Tommy Jarvis—who killed Jason Voorhees as a child—again fears for his life when a new hockey-masked assailant begins a series of brutal murders. The film features a cameo appearance from Corey Feldman, who portrayed Tommy in the previous film.


Five years after the demise of mass murderer Jason Voorhees, the youngest survivor, Tommy Jarvis, is tormented by nightmares of Jason, which leads to his internment in numerous psychiatric hospitals. He is transferred to the Pinehurst Halfway House, managed by Dr. Matt Letter and his assistant Pam Roberts. Tommy meets a circle of other teens consisting of lovers Eddie and Tina, the stutterer Jake, the Goth Violet, the serious Robin, the compulsive eater Joey, and the young Reggie, whose grandfather works as the facility's cook. The group is disliked by their neighbor Ethel Hubbard, as Eddie and Tina have made a habit of engaging in sexual intercourse on her lawn. For this reason, Matt forbids the group from venturing outside the facility's premises. Vic, another patient in the institute, is gripped by a raptus of madness caused by Joey's impertinence and brutally kills Joey. That evening, two greasers are murdered by an unseen assailant after their car breaks down, and a diner waitress and her boyfriend are killed the following night. The sheriff hypothesizes that Jason Voorhees is the perpetrator of these murders, despite the cremation of Jason's corpse years ago, while Tommy himself is rendered a suspicious party.