Kanang anak Langkau: The Iban Warrior

Kanang anak Langkau: The Iban Warrior is a 2017 Malaysian biographical historical drama film directed by Bade Hj. Azmi with the script co-written by Zainal Fikri and Asmira Suhadis, detailing the life and career of a soldier, Kanang anak Langkau. The film starring Kanang's son, Langgi anak Kanang, who played the character of his father, along with Ady Putra, Johan As'ari, Livonia Ricky Guing, Jimmy Leong, Adam Shah, Aidil Aziz, Ruzana Ibrahim and Zachery Francis. The movie aired on 16 March 2017.


The film covers the life of Kanang, who is an Iban, an ethnic warrior tribe living in the interior of Sarawak, Borneo Island. Ibans believe was that their children grew up to be warriors, Kanang was taught by his grandfather about the ins and outs of the jungle. Kanang became a great hunter and tracker, until he could read the direction of wind, hearing the tiger and lion's breath, and hearing the heartbeat of a tree.