Stand Up is a 2019 Malayalam movie directed by Vidhu Vincent who won Kerala State Film Award for Best Director at the 21st International Film Festival of Kerala, The film narrates the story of Keerthi (Nimisha Sajayan), an aspiring Stand Up comedian, who is trying to find some opportunities for her shows amidst several difficulties.


The story revolves around Keerthi an aspiring Stand Up comedian who is trying to find some opportunities for her shows. She narrates the story of her friend Diya who was attacked in an apartment and is branded a victim. Stand Up tells us her journey from a victim to a survivor. The film is a powerful take - a woman's take - on how the patriarchal system seeks her silence.

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    director Vidhu Vincent
    editor Christy Sebastian
    keywords attack brand
    producer Anto Joseph Unnikrishnan.B
    productionCompany Anto Joseph Film Company