Radhamma Kuthuru

Radhamma Kuthuru is a 2019 Telugu drama television series that runs on Zee Telugu. The show premiered on 26th August 2019. It airs Monday through Saturday at 7:30pm. The serial stars Gokul, Deepthi, Aarthi and Soumya Latha in lead roles. L. V. Revanth has lent his voice for the title track.


The story revolves around Radhamma, who gives birth to 3 daughters, upsetting her husband who desperately wanted a son. So, he decides to leave Radhamma and marry another woman. When Akshara, the second daughter of Radhamma, sees the turn of events, she gets angry on her father and vows to become and IAS officer to seek power and thereby help her mother regain her lost status.


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    genre drama
    keywords want
    publisher Zee Telugu ZEE5