The Crimson Stain Mystery

The Crimson Stain Mystery

The Crimson Stain Mystery is a 1916 American horror film serial directed by T. Hayes Hunter. The Crimson Stain Mystery was poorly received upon release.


In this serial, Dr. Burton Montrose, a scientist, has developed a formula which he believes will make ordinary people into geniuses. He experiments on several subjects and, to his horror, finds that it instead creates wicked criminals. The resulting band of murderers and thieves is led by the evil Pierre La Rue, also known as the Crimson Stain for his luminous, red-rimmed eyes. He and his gang terrorize New York City. They are pursued by Layton Parrish, a detective, and by Harold Stanley, editor of the Examiner newspaper, who has vowed vengeance for his father's murder. Aiding Stanley are his friend, Robert Clayton, and his sweetheart, Florence Montrose, Dr. Montrose's daughter. Neither she nor anyone else knows the mysterious Crimson Stain to be none other than the doctor himself, subject of his own experiments.

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    director T. Hayes Hunter
    genre horror mystery
    keywords new york city than the
    publisher Metro Pictures