Gun City (Spanish: La sombra de la ley) is a 2018 Spanish thriller film directed by Dani de la Torre and written by Patxi Amezcua.


In Barcelona, 1921, tension is high between the police and local anarchists. A military train has been robbed and its cargo stolen. The police try to find those responsible and receive support from agent Aníbal Uriarte, who was sent from Madrid. The detectives resort to brutal methods, including murder. They interrogate the train driver and whom they suspect is part of the robbery before murdering him.

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    contentLocation Barcelona
    director Daniel de la Torre
    genre thriller
    keywords bar owner civil war police brutality
    producer Emma Lustres Mercedes Gamero
    productionCompany Atresmedia Cine La Ley del Plomo A.I.E. Vaca Films
    publisher 20th Century Fox
    recordedAt Barcelona