Divina, está en tu corazón

Divina, está en tu corazón, or Love Divina, is a Spanish-language telenovela created by Mario Schajris and produced by Televisa, Pol-ka Producciones and Federation Kids & Family. It is a youth telenovela in the musical and comedy genres.


Divina, está en tu corazón tells the story of a sweet and responsible teenager who grew up without a family. With a great knowledge of the life in the street, Divina takes a group of homeless children under her care. The mysterious Irene, who turns out to be the grandmother she lost a long time ago and who longs to approach Divina and repair her past mistakes, leads them all to live in her mansion and rescues them from social services. Divina, who secretly dreams of becoming a pop star, lives with her friends and the wealthy family of Irene - including Felipe, the love of her life - quickly forging new friendships as new and relentless rivalries.


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    contentLocation Buenos Aires
    genre comedy
    keywords homeless child pop star social services wealthy family
    publisher Canal 5 El Trece