SA is a 2016 Kannada-language romantic thriller film.


SA is a Kannada movie, an action thriller starring Vijay Suriya, Karthik Jayaram, Samyuktha Hornad, Hemanth Hegde, and directed by Hemanth Hegde. The story takes place in Coorg in the background of a home stay. A personal conflict in the family turns serious when an intruder enters the family. The story has very unusual touch of terror and thriller. However, the strength of the filmmaker is his screenplay and it is well depicted in this movie too. It was in a story for the controversial poster that was set in Bangalore.

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    director Hemanth Hegde
    editor Shiv Prasad Yadav
    genre thriller
    keywords action thriller kannada movie karthik jayaram
    musicBy Veer Samarth
    producer Uday Shetty
    productionCompany Shri Hari Productions
    theme romantic thriller