The Lady Fights Back

The Lady Fights Back

The Lady Fights Back is a 1937 American action film directed by Milton Carruth and written by Brown Holmes and Robert T. Shannon. It is based on the 1937 novel Heather of the High Hand by Arthur Stringer. The film stars Kent Taylor, Irene Hervey, William Lundigan, Willie Best, Joe Sawyer, and Paul Hurst. The film was released on October 1, 1937, by Universal Pictures.


The plot follows Power company worker Owen Merrill as goes into Muskalala River to make surveys for a dam site, when the head of Muskalala Salmon Club Heather McHale finds out about his intentions, she decides to stop him from building the dam.

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    director Milton Carruth
    editor Paul Landres
    genre action
    keywords build power company
    producer Edmund Grainger
    productionCompany Universal Pictures
    publisher Universal Pictures