Kirathaka is a 2011 Indian Kannada romantic comedy film directed by Pradeep Raj, starring Yash and Oviya in the lead roles. It is the remake of Tamil film, Kalavani (2010). The film was a success at the domestic box-office. This was the 3000th Kannada movie to be released.


The film is centered around the rivalry between two neighboring villages with rival gangs in both competing in every aspect. Nandeesha (Yash), also known as Gooli is a road side romeo with no real direction to his life. He is flanked by his friends who support him in every act. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Nethra (Oviya), a girl studying at a college in the neighboring town. While Nandeesha is busy with his love life, one of his friends likes a girl from the neighboring village. To help him in the act, he plans to elope the girl and almost succeeds with his plan, but it is finally disrupted due to a problem in their vehicle. After this the rivalry between the two villages reaches a high with Nethra's brother vowing to avenge the dishonor. The rest of the movie revolves around how Gooly manages to win over Nethra despite the rivalry.

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    director Pradeep Raj
    editor Palani Vel
    genre comedy-drama
    keywords oviya yash
    musicBy V. Manohar
    producer Shantha Kumari Sharavana Murthy
    productionCompany Amigo Indirajal Movies
    theme romantic comedy