Fantasy Patrol: The Chronicles

Fantasy Patrol: The Chronicles

Fantasy Patrol: The Chronicles is a Russian computer-animated web television series, and is a spin-off of the 2016 TV series, Fantasy Patrol. The series was created by Evgeniy Golovin and Dmitry Mednikov, and just like the original series, it is produced by Studio Parovoz. The first episode was previewed on the main stage of Mooltimir on June 1, 2019, and the series later premiered on Moolt on August 2, 2019. The first episode was then released to YouTube on August 27.


Each episode of Fantasy Patrol: The Chronicles goes into depth about the main characters of Fantasy Patrol; Helena, Valery, Mary, and Snowy, as well as many others. The stories told are in the style of motion comics, and are meant to explain the motives of their actions.


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    genre adventure comedy fantasy
    keywords motion comic
    publisher Moolt YouTube