Parijatham   பாரிஜாதம்

Parijatham பாரிஜாதம்

Parijatham is a 2011-2012 Tamil soap opera that aired Monday through Friday on Vijay TV from 7 November 2011 to 1 June 2012 for 145 episodes. It is a remake of Malayalam Language serial Paarijatham that was aired on Asianet. Due to bad ratings and feedback, Vijay TV had ended the serial. The show starred Rasna, Vijay Krishnaraj, Archana, Rohan and among others. It was directed by Sukimurthy.


The story revolves around an identical twin sisters, Arundhathi and Arthi, who are poles apart. They come from a middle-class family. Arundhathi is shy, simple, down to earth and soft spoken girl, whereas Arthi is bold, daring, modern and outgoing. Arthi is more educated than Arundhathi. Arundhathi dreams of a simple married life with a loving husband, but Arthi wants an extremely rich husband who can provide her a luxurious life with all riches.