The Glory and Misery of Human Life

The Glory and Misery of Human Life is a 1988 Finnish drama film directed and written by Matti Kassila starring Lasse Pöysti, Liisamaija Laaksonen and Tuula Nyman. It is based on the novel by F.E. Sillanpää.


The film is starring writer Martti Hongisto (Lasse Pöysti), who goes out to meet Anna (Liisamaija Laaksonen) after loving her youth and reminiscing about his past youth. Meanwhile, Hongisto's wife Laimi (Tuula Nyman) is searching for her husband in restaurants.

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    director Matti Kassila
    genre drama
    keywords love reminisce search
    musicBy Jukka Linkola
    producer Päivi Hartzell