Himmat is a 1970 Hindi-language action film, produced by P. Mallikharjuna Rao under the Bharathi International Films banner and directed by Ravikant Nagaich. It stars Jeetendra, Mumtaz in the lead roles and music composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal. The film is remake of Telugu film Adrushtavanthulu (1968).


After the death of his father, Raghu and his mother are left in a destitute way of living, which prompts him to steal food for the survival of his mother. The police then arrest him, while his mother dies in the process; before he could reach the police station he escapes and is taken in by a criminal don only to become an outlaw. When he is asked to abduct a child which results in the death of the mother, his heart changes and he decides to surrender to the law. Years later after his release from jail, Raghu (Jeetendra) challenges the Inspector Mathur (K.N. Singh) that he will go straight and he becomes a truck driver for survival with the help of his friend Tiger (Jagdeep).