Surkh Jora

Surkh Jora (; lit: Red Dress) is a Pakistani romantic television serial first aired on 28 August 2015 on Hum Sitaray. Serial is produced by Fayyaz Idrees. Sonya Hussain and Azfar Rehman played the lead roles.


It explores the story of love, devotion and deceit. The series highlights the life of Abiha (Sonya Hussain), a traditional girl with dreams of a good and simple life. People around her admires her, including Roman (Azfar Rehman) who meets her accidentally, and soon they get married with everyone's consent. But soon, Abiha discovers Roman is nothing like what she had found him earlier. Behind his impressive personality lurks a male chauvinist who hates girls with progressive ideas. Series then shows Abiha's struggle to be able to change Roman.