Edhathuru is a 2004 Maldivian horror film directed by Yoosuf Shafeeu. Produced by Mohamed Abdulla under Mai Dream Entertainments, the film stars Mohamed Shavin, Sheereen Abdul Wahid, Ali Ahmed, Lufshan Shakeeb, Fathmath Neelam, Nadhiya Hassan, Ibrahim Sobah and Yoosuf Solih in pivotal roles.


A group of eight friends go on a picnic to a nearby uninhabited island. They start roaming around the island having fun and playing sports. They encounter a man whose name is Hamid (Hamid Ali), who has been living on the island in a hut. He warns the group to return their home before night falls. Things fall apart when Azmee (Ali Ahmed) teases his crush Husna (Sheereen Abdul Wahid) who is in a relationship with Dhaain (Mohamed Shavin). Due to low-tide, they were unable to travel back by sea hence they decided to stay on the island for the night and leave at the earliest light. After the planned night fishing, they spent the rest of the night barbecuing and enjoying horror stories. On exchanging stories, Hamid tells a true incident that had occurred on the island.