Interview is a remake of Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh's 2003 film of the same name. The American version, which premiered in 2007, stars Steve Buscemi as Pierre Peders (originally played by Pierre Bokma), a fading political journalist interviewing a soap opera star, Katya, played by Sienna Miller (originally played by Katja Schuurman). This film also features Tara Elders as Maggie, Molly Griffith as a waitress, and Philippe Vonlanthen as an autograph seeker. Steve Buscemi is also a director of this American adaptation. Katja Schuurman, the actress who played Sienna Miller's part in the original movie, has a small cameo as a woman leaving a limo towards the end of the movie.


Pierre Peders (Buscemi) is a tough political correspondent infuriated by his editor's insistence he cover a tabloid-level story about the paparazzi favorite Katya (Miller). Pierre's chagrin increases given the news of a searing White House scandal that is just breaking; instead of covering the piece, Peders must visit a posh Manhattan restaurant and interview Katya, whom he instantly detests. The one-on-one is more of a disaster than either could have predicted, but by some strange twist of fate, Pierre is injured and brought back to Katya's loft. Once there, liquor is downed, cocaine is consumed, minor violence erupts, and the two begin to "dance a pas de deux" attempting, not so subtly, to outmaneuver one another psychologically, as dark secrets and long-hidden vulnerabilities emerge.