Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode is a 2020 Brazilian comedy film directed by César Rodrigues from a screenplay by Alberto Bremer and written by Renato Fagundes and Alice Name-Bomtempo. It stars Larissa Manoela, Erasmo Carlos, Katiuscia Canoro, André Frambach and Dani Ornellas. The film was released on 23 January 2020 by Netflix.


Ana, a fashion design student dreaming of becoming a great stylist, drops everything to become a digital influencer for a famous brand. But when she crashes her car while using her phone, she is forced into a digital detox at her grandfather's farm.

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    director César Rodrigues
    genre comedy social
    keywords digital detox famous brand fashion design force
    producer Luiz Noronha
    productionCompany A Fábrica
    publisher Netflix
    theme romantic comedy