The Butterfly Tattoo

The Butterfly Tattoo

The Butterfly Tattoo is a 2008 feature film, based on Philip Pullman's 1992 novel The White Mercedes (also released as The Butterfly Tattoo). The film is particularly notable given that despite being a commercial production it actively sought to provide training and experience for young film-makers. The film also used a novel method of financing its production, by selling shares to members of the public.


Chris, a naive lad, suspended between school and college, and Jenny, a free spirit fleeing a traumatised childhood, fall in love against the backdrop of modern Oxford. But they are caught in the crossfire, as the past of Barry Miller catches up with him in the form of Carson, a gangster out for revenge.


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    director Phil Hawkins
    genre thriller
    keywords flee free spirit
    musicBy Richard Bodgers
    producer Jolies van Emburg Rik Visser Wesley Kloppenburg
    productionCompany Dynamic Entertainment DEH