Hiyani is a 2006 Maldivian revenge thriller film written and directed by Ahmed Nimal. Produced by Mohamed Abdulla under Dhekedheke Ves Productions, the film stars Niuma Mohamed, Ravee Farooq, Ahmed Nimal and Lufshan Shakeeb in pivotal roles. Shooting of the film took place in R. Inguraidhoo and R. Maduvvaree.


Despite her mother's consent, Shaina (Niuma Mohamed) marries to an old, wealthy businessman, Zahid (Ahmed Nimal since she was in need of money for her mother's medical treatments. Their marital satisfaction fades over time mostly due to the significant age gap between the partners. While Shaina continues believing in Zahid's affection, he enjoys finding comfort in other women's bed. To clear out their differences, Shaina and Zahid went to his island for few days and an intimacy was developed among them. Suddenly, Zahid had to leave since one of his construction workers fell from a high location and lands in a critical condition.