Clubs Are Trump

Clubs Are Trump is a 1917 American short comedy film featuring Harold Lloyd.


Harold Lloyd and Snub Pollard are "two famous lascars" who annoy several wooing couples in a public park. Eventually their antics enrage a large suitor who violently tosses them into a shallow lake. Lloyd and Pollard emerge from the lake and fall asleep on a park bench where they simultaneously dream of living in caveman times. While there, they try to woo a royal harem and run afoul of the caveman king and his club-swinging minions. Lloyd and Pollard divert their pursuers into a pond where a crocodile resides and have the harem to themselves. As they embrace the females, they both wake up on the park bench embracing each other. A park policeman breaks up their embrace. Lloyd and Snub eventually trap the policemen in the crook of a low tree, but are soon on the run from dozens more officers of the law.

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    director Hal Roach
    genre comedy
    keywords on the run park bench the park bench wake up woo
    producer Hal Roach
    theme short