Lung Fung Restaurant

Lung Fung Restaurant

Lung Fung Restaurant is a 1990 Hong Kong action romantic comedy film directed by Poon Man-kit and starring Max Mok, Stephen Chow, Ellen Chan and Charine Chan.


Dragon (Max Mok), an ex-triad member and an ex-convict is employed as a waiter in a restaurant. However, his old triad member friend Rubbish Pool (Stephen Chow) usually hangs out there and his old boss, Kent (Ng Man-tat), usually settles disputes with other gang leaders there so Dragon has a hard time getting pass his old ways. Dragon and Pool meet two bargirls, Gigi (Ellen Chan) and June (Charine Chan). Dragon develops a relationship with Gigi. In an internal gang fight, Uncle Kent and Pool are killed, Dragon is arrested. 6 years after the incident, Dragon is now driving his own taxi and when he is about to go off work Gigi boards his taxi. Gigi is now a sale rep with a family and Dragon has a new girlfriend.


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    contentLocation Hong Kong
    director Poon Man-kit
    editor Chan Kei-hop
    genre action comedy
    keywords arrest bargirl drive gang leader kill
    musicBy Lowell Lo
    producer Clarence Yip
    recordedAt Hong Kong
    theme action comedy romantic comedy