2 Hours Love

2 Hours Love is a 2019 Indian romance film.


A love story with a tinge of suspense underlying. Hero and heroine love only for 2 hours a day. Irrespective of situations, they only love from 4pm to 6pm a day. Before 4pm and after 6pm, they behave as strangers. Even if they accidentally spot each other, they don't even wish/talk. Though the boy is reluctant in following it, he does it as the girl approves his love only on this condition. When Hero proposes Heroine, she will inform that she is busy and is free only for 2 hours a day and will love only from 4pm to 6pm of a day. She also mentions various conditions that they will not be lovers after 6pm, they will not be involving friends and family during their time etc..Only if he agrees to all the conditions, she will agree to love him. She will also make an agreement with all the conditions and get it signed by the Hero. If he breaks any of the rules, she will break the relationship.


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    director Sri Pawar
    editor Syam Vadavalli
    genre drama romance
    keywords love story
    musicBy Gyaani Singh
    productionCompany Srinika Creative Works.
    theme romantic drama