Handhu Keytha

Handhu Keytha

Handhu Keytha is a 2005 Maldivian horror film directed by Ahmed Nimal. Produced by Shiham Rasheed under Motion Pictures, the film stars Ali Seezan, Niuma Mohamed and Sheereen Abdul Wahid in pivotal roles. Shooting of the film took place in ADh. Mahibadhoo.


On the night before the lunar eclipse, Ziyan (Ali Seezan) and Shuha (Niuma Mohamed) were staying on the beach when Shuha senses the presence of a third person and kept begging Ziyan to go back to their house. When Ziyan refuses to move, Shuha left him alone on the beach and he was soon accompanied by a woman in red dress, Azza (Sheereen Abdul Wahid), unsuspicious to Ziyan. Thinking it was Shuha, he requested Azza to meet him at the beach on the night of the lunar eclipse. Since his friend Shahid (Ahmed Asim) was too sick to go with him that night, Ziyan went to the beach alone and was soon joined by Azza. He flirts with her and gets a little intimate with her.