Far from Home

Far from Home is a 1989 independent thriller film. It stars Matt Frewer, Drew Barrymore, Richard Masur, Susan Tyrrell, Jennifer Tilly, Dick Miller, and Anthony Rapp. John Spencer also appears in a cameo appearance. It centers on a divorced father and his teenage daughter who run out of fuel in a small desert town and are forced to stay there in a run down trailer park while they attempt to find fuel for their car where at the same time, a series of killings begin to take place as the daughter becomes the obsession of two troublesome boys.


Charlie Cox (Matt Frewer) is a divorced magazine writer based in Los Angeles. Charlie and his daughter Joleen (Drew Barrymore) are on their way home from a cross country vacation when they run out of gas in the small Nevada town of Banco, on the day before Joleen's 14th birthday, where their car is being taken care of by mechanic Duckett (Richard Masur).