Campus is a semi-improvised British television sitcom. It was created by the team behind the sketch show Smack the Pony and hospital-based sitcom Green Wing, led by Victoria Pile who acts as co-writer, producer and director. It is set in the fictitious Kirke University and follows the lives of the staff, in particular the power-crazed and callous vice chancellor Jonty de Wolfe (played by Andy Nyman), lazy womanising English literature professor Matt Beer (Joseph Millson) and newly promoted senior mathematics lecturer Imogen Moffat (Lisa Jackson).


Campus revolves around the lives of the staff of Kirke University, a plate glass university under the control of Vice Chancellor Jonty de Wolfe (Nyman). Wolfe is described as "a comedy grotesque", who wants Kirke and himself to become greater, no matter how it is done. He often gives out what he sees as the harsh truth to people but what others consider to be offensive and even bigoted remarks. He is assisted by the "Three Graces of Admin", three administrators all of whom are called Grace and are referred to as Grace1, Grace2 and Grace3 or "Big Grace", "Pretty Grace" and "Was Once A Man Grace" (Alison Lintott, Chizzy Akudolu and Matthew Devitt respectively).