Astey Ladies Web Series

Astey Ladies is a Bengali web series streaming on Benali OTT platform hoichoi from 14th March 2019. Hte story of Astey Ladies revolves around the lives of three women Megha, Tani & Lima whose lives depended on their beauty and styling parlour, Salon De Paris. Hoichoi also released the dubbed version of the web series named Salon De Paris. Megha is a former school teacher and her husband does not believe in her dreams. Tani is a fighter – literally and figuratively – because of the cards life her dealt her. And Lima is a bundle of youthful energy and innocent charm. Together, they run the parlour, and there’s nothing more important to them. But suddenly they face some financial issues that forced them to do something unthinkable – robbery! This Bengali Thriller series starring Sandipta Sen, Saayoni Ghosh, Madhurima Ghosh, Saurav Das, Indrasish Roy in the central characters.


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    genre thriller
    publisher Hoichoi