Raven is a 1996 American direct-to-video action film starring Burt Reynolds.


A secret government agency known as Four Star Group has send a team of black-ops soldiers into Bosnia. Their mission is to retrieve a top secret piece of military hardware. On their way home "Raven" (Burt Reynolds) decides to go into business for himself. Raven plans to sell the device on the black market. Raven tries to convince his partner "Duce" (Matt Battaglia) to sellout as well. Duce refuses effectively ending their friendship and leaving Raven no choice to terminate Duce. Duce escapes with the device and refuses to give it to Four Star Group. Upon arriving back stateside Raven assembles a team of ex-special forces soldiers to help him eliminate Four Star Group. Raven even tracks down Duce asking if he would like to bury the hatchet and help him take out their former employers. Duce again declines Raven's offer. Which doesn't sit well with Raven. Placing the two of them on a direct collision course with one another.