YooHoo to the Rescue

YooHoo to the Rescue is an Italian-Korean computer animated children's television series produced by Aurora World and Mondo TV. It is the third TV series based on the YooHoo & Friends franchise, and serves as a revival of the franchise. The show is the first Netflix original series for children from South Korea.


YooHoo to the Rescue follows the adventures of five animal friends who live in the magical land of YooTopia. In each episode, they travel to a new destination to help animals in trouble and make new friends along the way. When there is a problem on Earth, the colorful fruits of the Sparkling Tree begin to fade. The friends get their special gadgets and board their ship Wonderbug, a ladybug-like aircraft. They use wit, teamwork, and special gadgets to solve problems and help animals in need. Over the course of their adventures, they learn fun facts about a wide variety of environments and make friends with animals.


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    genre adventure animation comedy fantasy
    keywords rescue
    publisher Netflix