Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo

is a 1970 Japanese drama film directed by Kihachi Okamoto.


In the middle of a rainstorm, Ichi overhears a man being killed by a group and then dragged off into the brush. Tired of wandering, he decides to visit his hometown not noticing until later that the townspeople are living in fear of a local yakuza gang. At a teahouse, he meets Umeno, a former love interest. In the meantime, the boss's eldest son returns from university expecting a large sum of money to be paid to him, but the boss refuses. The youngest son, who also wants the money, hires Yojimbo (Toshiro Mifune) to assassinate him, as he is the boss's top enforcer. Yojimbo, however, is more than happy to bide his time drinking and making him wait.

    More details

    director Kihachi Okamoto
    genre drama
    keywords bos drink expect kill love interest wander
    musicBy Akira Ifukube
    producer Shintaro Katsu
    theme japanese