Al Borde del Deseo

Al Borde del Deseo

Al Borde del Deseo was a Puerto Rican TV series that was airing in WAPA-TV in Puerto Rico and in United States in WAPA America about the true story of passionate women who share their experiences of love and disaffection in a modern world, struggling to enjoy an economic and professional position similar to that of men. They are women of different social classes, values and lifestyles opposites. Women who go through life trying to find happiness in a drama-laden comedy, that we are unveiling their aspirations, privacy, hopes, and of course their shenanigans. Women, who learn late in her life, to enjoy an independent life, ready to claim, what belongs to them. It is the story of women in common, not trying to be bigger than life itself but on the contrary, reflect the daily life of women working and struggling to achieve something better than what life has led them. Stories of women, torn from life itself. Stories of homes in the conflict, of lies, of fiery passions and above all of that unfortunate habit of human beings: infidelity.


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    genre comedy drama social
    publisher WAPA-TV