Naked Angels

Naked Angels is a 1969 American outlaw biker film directed by Bruce D. Clark. Starring Michael Greene as Mother, Jennifer Gan as Marlene, and Richard Rust as Fingers, it provides an insider's perspective at the lifestyle of outlawed bikers. Actor Corey Fischer makes an appearance, as well as Penelope Spheeris in her first role. Naked Angels was the last movie distributed by Favorite Films.


The story concerns a deadly feud between two rival bike gangs. The Angels are out for revenge against their rival gang, the Las Vegas Hotdoggers, who severely beat their leader, Mother (Michael Greene).

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    director Bruce D. Clark
    editor Johanna Bryant
    genre crime drama
    keywords end even how to las vegas old lady rid
    musicBy Jeff Simmons
    producer David R. Dawdy
    publisher Favorite Films
    theme outlaw biker