Valentine Ever After

Valentine Ever After is a 2016 American-Canadian romantic comedy. It was directed by Don McBrearty and starred Autumn Reeser and Eric Johnson. It premiered on Hallmark Channel on February 13, 2016.


Julia (Autumn Reeser), a big city girl, takes a road trip to Wyoming with her best friend Sydney (Vanessa Matsui) for a fun weekend getaway. As soon as they arrive, they accidentally commit disorderly conduct by causing a bar fight and are arrested by Sheriff Carl (Jeff Clarke). With a charming cowboy named Ben (Eric Johnson) vouching for them, Judge Emmett (Nigel Bennett) gives them a choice between 30 days of community service or 2 years in prison. Ben persuades Judge Emmett to give them the community service. They will stay in the ranch of Ben while doing the odds and ends around town and discover that Ben is planning a charity event that they want in on.