Bahay Kubo: A Pinoy Mano Po!

Bahay Kubo: A Pinoy Mano Po! is a 2007 Regal Films movie starring Maricel Soriano and Eric Quizon. The movie was one of the official entries of the Metro Manila Film Festival. The story setting is patterned after Mano Po's theme (with Filipino characters instead of Chinoy/Chinese characters)


Eden (Maricel Soriano), lives in a bahay kubo in the middle of a farm near a river, with Lola Ida and her friend Marang. One day, after her regular routine of selling her produce in the market, she finds Lily. She decides to adopt Lily, then finds and adopted Dahlia. Soon after, the number of children increases, earning jealous eyes and DSWD officials trying to intervene, but it is foiled when Eden's friends help by claiming some of the children as theirs.