Jan Hus is a 2015 Czech historical television film directed by Jiří Svoboda. It is based on the life of Jan Hus. It consists of three parts. Jan Hus is one of the most expensive projects of Czech Television.


The film starts when Czech king Wenceslaus IV is imprisoned by his brother Sigismund. Sigismund's troops pillage Bohemian territory. Brave priest Jan Hus criticises the new order during his preaches. He also starts to criticise conditions in the Church which earns him hatred from other priests. Pope imposes Prague to an Interdict and Hus has to leave Prague. He is not safe in his hometown Husinec but Jidnřich offers him hideout. Hus is invited to Kostnice to defend his teachings. He agrees but is arrested on his way. He is executed on 6 June 1415.