Hey, Stop Stabbing Me!

Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! is a 2003 American horror film starring Patrick Casey and directed by Worm Miller; Miller and Casey also co-wrote the script. The duo went on to write Golan the Insatiable for Fox's Animation Domination HD programming block.


Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! is the story of Herman Schumacher (Patrick Casey) and his new post-collegiate life. After school ends Herman finds life a lot harder than he thought. He needs to find a place to live, a job, and new friends. The first two are solved surprisingly easy when he unknowingly moves into a house with a serial killer to fill one of the many vacancies and then gets a job as a "World Historian" which mainly consists of digging holes in an empty field. Throw in crazy roommates and a sock stealing monster for good measure and wackiness ensues.


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    contentLocation Minnesota
    director Worm Miller
    genre animation comedy horror
    keywords college collegiate dig solve stab steal
    musicBy Sean Hall
    producer Patrick Casey
    publisher Sub Rosa
    theme comedy horror serial killer