Family is an ITV crime drama series, first broadcast on 29 September 2003, starring Martin Kemp and Jamie Foreman as two gangster brothers operating in London's East End. Family ran for one series, comprising six episodes. A DVD of the complete series was released on 30 March 2009.


Family follows a family of London gangsters headed by Ted Cutler (David Calder). One of his sons, Joey (Martin Kemp), is happily married with two children and tries to keep 'business' separate from home life, while the other son, Dave (Jamie Foreman) is a loose cannon with a nasty temper who has just returned from America, where he fled following a family rift. Only Joey sees a way out by running a high class restaurant - but this venture is not without violence.


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    contentLocation London
    genre crime drama
    keywords david calder high class jamie foreman loose cannon married martin kemp run
    publisher ITV