Undercover Princesses

Undercover Princesses is a BBC Three reality TV show which took three royal claimants from foreign cultures and placed them in Ingatestone where they had to 'live and date' like normal people. The idea for the programme came from the 1988 Eddie Murphy film Coming to America. The contestants are Xenia Gabriela Florence Sophie Iris, (Xenia Prinzessin von Sachsen) Princess of Saxony and Duchess to Saxony, Germany, b. 1986 (great-great-granddaughter of King Frederick Augustus III of Saxony); Princess (Omumbejja) Sheillah Cinderella Nvannungi of Buganda, Uganda, b. 1982 (daughter of Prince (Omulangira) George William Juuko Walugembe Kassabbanda) although this claim by her is disputed; and Princess (Nawabzadi) Aaliya Sultana Babi of Balasinor, India, b. 1974 (daughter of Babi Shri Muhammed Salabat Khanji II, Nawab of Balasinor).


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