Runaway is a 2001 Hong Kong crime comedy film directed by Dante Lam and starring Nick Cheung, Anthony Wong, Ruby Wong and Samuel Pang. It follows the antics of two inept triad bosses on the run following a series of mishaps.


Dan (Nick Cheung) is a clever minded triad punk. One time on a run for fun, he plays a trick on a rival triad leader Ray (Anthony Wong), causing him to lose the opportunity of winning millions of dollars. Dan also embezzled cash from his gang and his boss, Kwan (Joe Lee) sends his henchmen to capture him. Dan escapes to Phuket Island, Thailand with his sworn brother, King (Samuel Pang), where they meet two attractive ladies. King falls in love with an innocent tattoo artist (Anya Wu), while Dan becomes entangled with the mysterious and unique Ching (Ruby Wong). At this time, Ray also arrives in Phuket in order to pursue his ideal girlfriend, Ching. Dan discovers Ching's ulterior to stay with Ray and comes in an agreement with Ching to seek benefits from Ray. At this point, Kwan's assassins also arrive in Phuket, ready to silence Dan and Ray.