A Gift of Love: Sifar

A Gift of Love: Sifar

A Gift of Love: Sifar is a Hindi film, based on The Gift of the Magi by O Henry. Directed by Dhruv Sachdev and produced by Zero Begins Films in association with PvR Pictures. SIFAR went on to bag 30 awards in the festival circuit with 15 Best Picture Awards, 9 Best Director Awards and 3 Best Actress Awards.


Ayesha is an author, having a dark past. She is in discussion with her therapist – Dr Roy who is curious to know more about Ayesha’s past. During one of the therapy sessions, Ayesha agrees and narrates the love story of a gangster and a courtesan.

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    director Dhruv Sachdev
    keywords dark past love story
    producer Durgesh Paul, Zero Begins Films