Getting Even

Getting Even (also known as Hostage: Dallas) is a 1986 American film directed by Dwight H. Little.


A soldier-of-fortune, Tag Taggert, played by Edward Albert, steals some Russian nerve gas from Afghanistan, and brings it to the U.S. to be analyzed. A greedy millionaire rancher, played by Joe Don Baker, finds out about it, steals it and uses it in an extortion scheme. Audrey Landers plays the lead FBI agent-in-charge tasked with thwarting the extortion scheme.

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    contentLocation Dallas
    director Dwight H. Little
    editor Charles Bornstein
    genre action
    keywords fbi agent nerve gas
    musicBy Christopher Young
    productionCompany AGH Productions The Movie Store The Samuel Goldwyn Company
    publisher ADG Avid Video Vestron Video
    theme spy