Matinee is a 1993 American period comedy film directed by Joe Dante. It is about a William Castle-type independent filmmaker, with the American home front during the Cuban Missile Crisis as a backdrop. The film stars John Goodman, Cathy Moriarty, Simon Fenton, Omri Katz, Lisa Jakub, Robert Picardo, Kellie Martin, and Jesse White (in his final theatrical film role). It was written by Jerico Stone and Charles S. Haas, the latter portraying Mr. Elroy, a schoolteacher.


In Key West, Florida in October 1962, Gene Loomis and his younger brother, Dennis, live on a military base with their mother while their father is away on a United States Navy submarine. At a local movie theater one afternoon, Gene and Dennis see a promo for an exclusive engagement of producer Lawrence Woolsey's sensational new horror film, entitled Mant! Woolsey is scheduled to make an in-person appearance at the cinema in Key West the following Saturday. After the boys return home to the base, the Loomis family watches as President Kennedy delivers a speech confirming the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba. Meanwhile, Woolsey arrives in Florida with his actress girlfriend, Ruth Corday. He finds the fearful atmosphere created by the ongoing missile crisis to be the perfect environment in which to host Mant!'''s premiere.

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    contentLocation Florida
    director Joe Dante
    editor Marshall Harvey
    events Cold War
    genre comedy-drama
    keywords acute radiation syndrome air raid airstrike amaze animate anthropomorphic anthropomorphism arrest atomic age atomic isotope formula atomic isotope separation methods begin beginning of the end blackbeard\'s ghost body snatchers buy in capture cast chicago reader creature from the black lagoon cuban missile crisis detention dick jacobs end entertainment weekly famous monsters of filmland film film buff film critic film within a film first amendment first amendment to the united states constitution first date first kiss flee florida keys fly force grow up hollywood blacklist horror film horror movie invasion of the body snatchers it came from outer space janet maslin jesse lee jesse lee soffer jonathan rosenbaum juvenile delinquent key west kiss locked in los angeles los angeles times love lurk mad science military base monster that challenged the world morph movie theater mushroom cloud mutate mutation new york times nuclear fallout nuclear radiation open original score outer space owen gleiberman pop culture radioactivity rat return home revenge of the creature review aggregator robert o. cornthwaite roger ebert rotten tomatoes school detention sensurround shoot shopping cart snowball express son of dracula soviet missiles in cuba speech stalk street scene switchblade tarantula the alligator people the amazing colossal man the beast with a million eyes the black scorpion the brain leeches the creature walks among us the deadly mantis the horse in the gray flannel suit the love bug the million dollar duck the new york times the real-world 1977 film of the same name the shaggy d.a. the ugly dachshund the washington post this island earth tingler trap triple feature trompe l\'oeil united states navy universal studios florida usa today wait war of the colossal beast wash william castle
    musicBy Jerry Goldsmith
    producer Michael Finnell
    publisher Universal Studios
    theme b movie coming-of-age independent monster movie shapeshifting