Y mañana será otro día

Y mañana será otro día

Y mañana será otro día (stylized onscreen as Y mañana será otro día... mejor; English title: Tomorrow Is A New Day) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Carlos Moreno premiered on Las Estrellas on 16 April 2018. It is an adaptation of the 2009 Chilean telenovela Cuenta conmigo created by José Ignacio Valenzuela.The production started on February 26, 2018 at Forum 11 of Televisa San Ángel. It stars Angélica Vale as the main character.


The series revolves around Mónica Rojas (Angélica Vale), a secretary dedicated entirely to her work in Media Link, the company founded and led by Camilo Sarmiento (Diego Olivera). Monica is not only responsible for the professional agenda of her boss, but also of his personal life, which includes his wife Diana (Alejandra Barros) and their children. Since Mónica meets Camilo, she falls deeply in love, even knowing that her love has no hope. But her love expectations will change, when Diana proposes to her to fall in love with Camilo when she dies due to a serious illness.