Ringo: la pelea de su vida , or simply Ringo is a Mexican telenovela produced by Lucero Suárez that premiered on Las Estrellas on 21 January 2019 and ended on 12 May 2019. It is an adaption on the Argentine telenovela created by Adrián Suar entitled Sos mi hombre. The telenovela stars José Ron, and Mariana Torres. The series revolves around Ringo, the life of a retired boxer and the problems he will face in the face of an economic crisis, couple problems and the custody of his son.


Ringo is a young man, who has dedicated his life to boxing, and at the peak of his career he loses the national title upon receiving the news of the death of his brother. From that moment, Ringo decides to retire from boxing. Gloria, his wife, leaves him to go live with El Turco, Ringo's main rival in the ring. Gloria's decision leaves Ringo alone in charge of the care of his son Santi. Then, Gloria will return to claim custody of her son, and in that situation, Ringo will have to obtain a job that provides fixed income, to keep custody of his son. He decides to return to boxing with the clear goal to be crowned champion.


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    publisher Las Estrellas