Kabayo Kids is a 1990 comedy film directed by Tony Y. Reyes and written by Joey de Leon starring the comic trio "Tito, Vic and Joey". The movie was released on May 15, 1990 and was shot in the Puerto Azul Beach Resort in Ternate, Cavite.


The story revolved around three kutseros (coachmen) Pamboy (Tito Sotto), Nanding (Vic Sotto) and Pando (Joey de Leon) who is dressed up like the popular Filipino hero Panday, a blacksmith. The three came from all different walks of life, but have worked alongside with horses. Pamboy is newly married to his wife Tessie (Maylene Gonzales) and he needs to make ends meet and had to ask help from Pando. Pamboy and Pando met Nanding in the hospital after Tessie was rushed to the hospital after an accident. Pamboy thought that the body of Hudas (Palito) was his wife's. After discovering that it wasn't his wife's, Pamboy drops the severed body badly that made Nanding furious, while worsening Hudas’ condition. Pamboy searched the hospital and found that his wife is in stable condition and apologizes to Nanding. At the same time, members of the Red Devil approached the three of them while having a conversation and violently attacks the clueless coachmen. Apparently, Nanding is involved with the Red Devil syndicate, being a famed jockey. Pamboy and Pando vowed to help Nanding solve his mess with the syndicate. They met Don Horacio Caballero (Ritchie D’Horsie) and he helped the gang make their escape. He also vowed to help the three against the Red Devil syndicate. Don Horacio called the three of them the “Kabayo Kids”.