Flying Romeos

Flying Romeos

Flying Romeos is a 1928 American comedy adventure directed by Mervyn LeRoy and written by John McDermott, Sidney Lazarus, Gene Towne and John W. Conway. The film stars the comedy team of Charles Murray and George Sidney, stars of Universal's popular "The Cohens and Kellys" comedies, moonlighting at First National Pictures. Other sidekicks included Fritzi Ridgeway, Lester Bernard, Duke Martin, James Bradbury Jr. and Belle Mitchell. Flying Romeos was released on February 26, 1928, by First National Pictures, typically a B movie studio.


Barbers Cohen (George Sidney) and Cohan (Charles Murray) both love Minnie (Fritzi Ridgeway), their young manicurist, who has a fondness for aviators. Duly, the pair of hapless middle-aged lovers sign up for flying lessons and accidentally find themselves performing some wild stunts in an aircraft.

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    director Mervyn LeRoy
    editor Paul Weatherwax
    genre adventure comedy
    keywords flying lesson married young man
    productionCompany First National Pictures
    publisher First National Pictures
    theme b movie