The Tangerine Bear

The Tangerine Bear is a 48-minute animated film for children released on November 11, 2000. It was directed by Bert Ring. The voice cast includes Tom Bosley, Jenna Elfman, Howie Mandel, David Hyde Pierce, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Ralph Manza, and Marlon Wayans. The story is narrated and sung by country/western singer Trisha Yearwood. It was produced by Family Home Entertainment and Hyperion Pictures.


A teddy bear on a conveyor belt in a toy factory is knocked over by a mouse, resulting in his mouth being sewn upside-down in a frown, unlike his brothers and sisters who are sewn with smiles on their faces. They are taken to Krolls' Department Store. The bear (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) becomes upset when all the kids eventually take all the bears except for him. Not knowing he looks different, he wonders why no one will buy him.